About Nicholas James Pedler

Nicholas James Pedler, a finance and accounting consultant for businesses in the green energy industry, currently operates in Colorado. Nicholas James Pedler provides corporate responsibility guidance, financial analysis, corporate accounting, process audits, system control evaluation, and other related services. Additionally, he prepares and monitors project budgets, creates and maintains key client relations, and performs resource administration and recruiting. Pedler handles financial and accounting projects by leveraging his personal, professional, and educational background including the study of international business.

Graduating from Miami University in 2009, Nicholas James Pedler earned his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Completing both programs with an exemplary grade point average and graduating magna cum laude, he placed on the president’s and dean’s lists for all four years of his education and also participated as a member of the National Honor Society. During his college years, Pedler also traveled to Luxembourg where he studied international business and British literature under several prominent European professors, ambassadors, and international businessmen.

Passionate about a variety of interests, Nicholas James Pedler enjoys reading about philosophy and history. He is also an avid listener of several podcasts including “This American Life” and “Planet Money.” Some of his favorite authors include Ralph Ellison, Ernest Hemingway, E. E. Cummings, and Virginia Woolf. Additionally, he takes great pleasure in watching independent films and documentaries. In his free time, Nicholas James Pedler enjoys planning trips to the Mediterranean, Western Europe, and various cities and parks across the United States.


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