Mile High United Way Literacy Initiatives

A Denver-based financial and accounting consultant, Nicholas James Pedler is an active member of his community. In addition to supporting Junior Achievement and the Boys and Girls Club, Nicholas James Pedler donates his time and resources to the Mile High United Way (MHUW).

The first United Way organization in the country, MHUW works with hundreds of partners from the nonprofit, government, and business sectors to provide support and advocacy services for those in need. Focused on three key areas of investment, MHUW operates programs such as the Adult Self Sufficiency, Youth Success, and School Readiness initiatives.

As part of its School Readiness initiative, MHUW raises nearly $2 million dollars each year to improve the literacy rate in children eight years old and younger. The funds are distributed to deserving organizations throughout Colorado to replicate and expand effective literacy programs. In addition, the School Readiness initiative offers literacy interventions and one-on-one tutoring through its Reading Corp program. Together, the initiative’s Social Innovation Fund and Reading Corp program helps tens of thousands of children receive a quality education while building the foundation for their future success.


Nicholas James Pedler on Heifer International’s 12 Cornerstones

The mission of Heifer International is to help end world hunger and poverty. Heifer International provides families with animals, from which they can collect agricultural products like milk, eggs, and honey for consumption and for sales, giving them a reliable source of food and income. The ultimate goal is to empower families and make them self-sufficient.

Heifer International has developed 12 cornerstones to help lead families and communities to self-sufficiency:

1. Pass on the gifts that Heifer International provides families
2. Be mutually accountable to the community
3. Share resources and care for others
4. Give those with the most need the highest priority when receiving animals and training
5. Involve all members of the community in decision making
6. Encourage both men and women to participate in decision making
7. Provide training and education for self-reliance
8. Improve animal management
9. Improve the environment
10. Foster the belief in the value of life
11. Provide nutrition and income to each family
12. Practice sustainability for self-reliance

About the Author:

Nicholas James Pedler is a finance and accounting consultant by profession. He is involved in numerous charitable organizations, including Heifer International.

E.E. Cummings’ The Enormous Room By Nicholas James Pedler

E.E. Cummings’ first novel, The Enormous Room, is a moving autobiographical account of his time spent in a French internment camp in 1917. The French government ordered Cummings’ internment because of his friendship with a pacifist and his refusal to declare hatred towards Germans. Fortunately, Cummings’ father, the first professor of Harvard’s sociology program, had influential connections that ultimately led to Cummings’ release. The Enormous Room was not a commercial success and received mixed reviews. Cummings’ artistic relation of the harrowing truths of World War I has made the novel an enduring, legendary war epic. Cummings’ autobiographical account is moving and charismatic, released during a time when America was attempting to regain composure after a tragic and costly World War. Nicholas James Pedler majored in English literature in college and enjoys classic British and American literary works. Drawn to E.E. Cummings’ unique writing style, Nicholas James Pedler appreciates enlightening and philosophical works.